LPAR 2002 call for papers


  • automated reasoning
  • interactive theorem proving
  • implementations of logic
  • design of logical frameworks
  • program and system verification
  • model checking
  • rewriting
  • logic programming
  • constraint programming
  • logic and databases
  • proof-carrying code
  • logic and computational complexity
  • proof planning
  • specification using logics
  • logic in artificial intelligence
  • lambda and combinatory calculi
  • constructive logic and type theory
  • computional interpretations of logic
  • logical foundations of programming
  • logical aspects of concurrency
  • program extraction from proofs
  • modal and temporal logics
  • knowledge representation and reasoning
  • reasoning about actions
  • description logics
  • nonmonotonic reasoning

Paper submission

Submitted papers must be original and not submitted concurrently for publication to a journal or to another conference.

Both "regular" papers and "experimental" papers are welcome. The first category is intended to contain new results, the second one to describe implementations of systems, to report experiments with implemented systems, or to compare implemented systems.

Submitted "regular" papers should not be longer than 15 proceedings pages. If proofs do not fit in 15 pages, add an appendix with proofs or refer to a full version of the article on the Web. Submitted "experimental" papers should not be longer than 10 proceedings pages.

Papers should be submitted in the postscript format (plain postscript; no encoding please) through the submission page .

All questions related to submission should be sent to the program chairs.


The proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag in the LNAI series and available at the conference. Authors of accepted papers will be requested to sign a form transfering copyright of their contribution to Springer-Verlag. Authors are encouraged to use LaTeX2e and the Springer llncs class files. If you use this style, turn on page numbers using \pagestyle{plain}.

Important dates

  Submission: June 17 (extended)
  Notification: July 15
  Final version: August 10
  Conference: October 14-18
  Workshop: October 19