LPAR 2002 travel information


At the moment the following are the cheapest alternatives to fly to Georgia

  1. Via Istambul. Turkish Airlines offers a flight to Tbilisi with stop in Istambul for about Euro 500 or slightly below from most EU countries. The flights depart on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays from Istambul at night and arrive in Tibilisi early morning on the next day. The departure is on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays early morning from Tbilisi. The flight is highly recommended from the viewpoint of comfort and safety, it cost about Euro 5.- to stop in Instambul for longer. Important: Do not combine the Turkish Airlines flight with a flight of another airline to Istambul, as Istambul-Tibilisi-Istambul alone costs about USD 400.
  2. Via Trabzon. Find a cheap flight to anywhere in Turkey and buy a flight ticket to Trabzon. (If possible buy this ticket and the retour ticket in Turkey, it is cheaper.) There is a Bus heading for Tbilisi usually at 7.pm (without guarantee of the time) which costs less than USD 20. The only uncomfortable aspect is the long stay at the boarder because of the customs checking of the Russian traders. Alternatively you could take a bus to Hopa (frequent and very comfortable) from there a minibus or taxi to the boarder (already quite near), cross the boarder by foot. Then take a minibus or taxi to Batumi and from there the evening train with a sleeping compartement (single compartement about USD 15/person) to Tbilisi. The train departs at about 9p.m. DO NOT TAKE ANY DAYTIME TRAIN!!! Alternatively you can take any minibus or bus (very cheap) or even taxi from Batumi. DO NOT TAKE A TAXI FROM THE BORDER ANYWHERE BUT TO BATUMI. Please note that fares of taxis are subject to bargain and the price must be agreed IN ADVANCE. After the end of the conference we can arrange a minibus going back to the Turkish border.(The road Trabzon-Batumi-Tbilisi is very scenic)
  3. Via Moscow. Find a cheap flight to Moscow and continue to Tbilisi. There is one flight in the day with Aeroflot (return flight USD 252). IF YOU STAY IN THE TRANSIT ZONE YOU DO NOT NEED A RUSSIAN VISA
  4. Via London. There may be reasonably cheap flights via London.

ALLTOGETHER WE RECOMEND TO FLY, THE ROUTE VIA TRABZON IS LONG AND FOR THE ADVENTURES ONLY. All questions about the travel should be addressed to Matthias Baaz at baaz@logic.at.


Visas can be obtained at the airport for about USD 80, one photo is required. If you want to obtain a visa in advance, the Georgian consulates usually ask for invitations. If you need an official invitation please contact Gela Chankvetadze at gelachan@hotmail.com