LPAR-03 registration information


The registration fees for this year are
Early Regstration 400 €
Late Registration 500 €
Workshop-only registration 120 €
The LPAR registration fee includes participation in the conference and the workshop, the costs for both conference dinners, lunches for all conference days, excursion, and a copy of the conference proceedings. The workshop-only registration fee includes only participation in the workshop.

 Payment methods

The following payment methods are available:

 Credit Card

This is the preferred payment method!

We accept VISA and MasterCard.

 Bank Transfer

You can transfer the registration fees FREE OF CHARGES to our account:
       Kurt Gödel Society LPAR
       Account No: 00686 168 212
       BACA, A-1040 Vienna, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 11, BLZ 12000
       IBAN: AT19 1200 0006 8618 8212

IMPORTANT NOTE You have to make the transfer free of any bank charges for us, otherwise we will collect the charges on site!

IMPORTANT NOTE You have to fax the PROOF OF PAYMENT (bank receipt etc) together with the registration page to us.

As long as we do not get a proof of payment faxed to us, or received the money transfer, YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED!

 Registration Form

The registration form is available here. Please read the instructions carefully before filling out forms.


The deadline for early registration is July 18, 2003. Registration form will be online soon.